Nebraska Valley

Stowe’s Nebraska Valley lies west of Stowe Village and extends along the Nebraska Valley Road.  It is accessed from Moscow Village, off of Route 100 or from Barrows Road, off of the Mountain Road. At the end of the road is the private Lake Mansfield Trout Club. Founded in 1899, the club sits on Lake Mansfield, surrounded by the Mt. Mansfield State Forest. The Miller Brook, a tributary of the Little River runs along Nebraska Valley Road, adding to the picturesque nature of the area.

Lake Mansfield Trout Club in Nebraska Valley, Stowe

Lake Mansfield Trout Club on a misty morning.

The Valley is home to the Farm at Morrison Corner and Long Winter Farm as well as the Nebraska Knoll Sugar Farm. Long Winter Farm is a small, family, working farm located 2.8 miles up the road from Moscow Village. It sits on land conserved by the Stowe Land Trust. The Farm at Morrison Corner is considered the last working hill farm in Mansfield, Vermont. It operates as an Icelandic sheep farm and produces breeding stock as well as yarn, roving, and lamb’s soap.

In addition to it’s working farms, the valley has a solar farm. The Stowe Electric Department’s Nebraska Valley Solar Farm, on Beech Hill Road, was commissioned in 2016. It generates about 12% of Stowe’s electricity needs.

Vermont is known for it’s swimming holes. For generations locals have been known to enjoy the cool mountain water of one at the foot of the Nebraska Valley bridge.

Nebraska Valley is admired for the beauty of the woods and trails that surround it. It’s also a destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts including hikers and bikers. A favorite hike for beginners, the Nebraska Notch, begins from Lake Mansfield Trout Club and continues for 1.6 miles to Taylor Lodge. From Taylor Lodge the trail connects to the famous Long Trail. The Catamount Trail Association maintains a section of trail between Nebraska Valley and Bolton Valley for cross country skiing enthusiasts.

Residents of the Nebraska Valley area truly enjoy a feeling of “getting away from it all” in this unique setting on the outskirts of Stowe.