Kristen L. ~ Whitehouse Station, NJ

Red Barn Realty did a fantastic job of helping me plan a trip for my group. The entire group had a blast and the house was perfect! We stayed in the Olympic Lodge in Stowe Hollow. We had an amazing time skiing, but the house really was the cherry on top of a great weekend. Everything was clean when we arrived, and the property looked exactly like the pictures we saw online. We had a fire roaring in the fireplace to keep us warm after coming off the slopes each day. All of the seating in the kitchen was great for us, as we ate dinner in the house each night. The couple who stayed in the master suite couldn’t stop talking about the breathtaking views from the master loft area. Our group is looking forward to returning to Stowe in the future. Thanks Red Barn for all your hard work to ensure our stay went smoothly!